Q: Are Tantruth® self-tanning products safe?

Yes, with duo self-tanning agents of DHA and Erythrulose, Tantruth® tanning products provide a luxuriously deep tan giving you a bronzed sun kissed look all year round. As this is an artificial tan there is no danger to the skin.


Q: Can anyone use any Tantruth® Self-Tanners?

Clients with skin disorders such as eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis should consult their doctor before application of Tantruth®. Clients who suffer from diabetes or asthma should also consult their doctor before receiving a Tantruth® spray tan. It is recommended that pregnant women in the first trimester consult their doctor before having Tantruth® applied.


Q: Are Tantruth® tanning products drying to the skin?

The Tantruth® formulation contains Avocado and Shea Butter, both known for their moisturising and soothing properties. Also, Satin Silk extract leaves skin smooth and glossy during the tanning process.


Q: What active ingredient produces the tan?

Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is considered the most effective sun-free tanning additive. It reacts with the protein on the skin to produce a colour similar to the skin’s natural pigmentation. Erythrulose when combined with DHA produces a longer lasting tan and a more cosmetically pleasing colour. The skin starts to darken after 2-3 hours and the colour is fully developed within 24 hours. The colour will gradually fade and can be topped up every four to five days to maintain optimal colour.


Q: Does the ranger contain UVA Filters?

No, Tantruth® Self-Tanning products do not contain sunscreens and we strongly recommend using your normal SPF when outdoors to keep skin protected.


Q: Will my hands stain during the tanning process?

It is recommended that you wear gloves or tanning mitt to apply the product. The Primer Smoothing Spray can also help provide an even coverage on the hands by prventing build-up of the product.


Q: Will I have a problem with streaking or build up from Tantruth® products?

Exfoliating with Tantruth® The Perfectionist Body Scrub prior to using any of the Tantruth® tanning products will remove dead skin cells therefore preparing the skin for the tanning process. For areas prone to dryness such as elbows, hands, knees, ankles and feet, The Primer Smoothing Spray can also be applied prior to application to ensure an even coverage.


Q: How often can I apply Tantruth® tanning products?

As often as required. We recommend the use of Tantruth® The Perfectionist Body Scrub before re-application. Removing surface impurities and dead skin cells prior to reapplication leaves the skin smooth and polished.


Q: Can I apply Tantruth® Self-Tanners to my face?

We recommend that you do not use the Tantruth® Lotion with Colour Guide on your face due to the dye becoming trapped in open pores and causing congestion. However all other tanning products are suitable for use on the face.


Q: How long will my Tantruth tan last?

The tan will last between 4 to 7 days depending on how you care for the skin. The Primer Smoothing Spray is extremely effective in moisturising and maintaining your tan.


Q: Will swimming affect my tan?

Swimming in chlorinated water or salt water can fade the Tantruth® results, cause possible streaking and will diminish the duration of your tan. However, daily activities such as bathing, showering or physical activity will not affect the quality of the tan.