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Our Guide To Gradual Tan

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What is gradual tan

A gradual tanning lotion is not just for those that are looking to achieve a natural sun-kissed finish but it also helps to maintain and boost your fake tan, helping you glow for longer.


Our thick, moisturizing lotion contains just a hint of our Prolong and Protect Tanning Agent allowing you to build up your tan until you have reached your desired colour! Formulated with Shea Butter for intense hydration and caffeine to firm our Tan Truth Tan Extending Moisturiser is what dreams are made of!


perfect your prep

Ensure your skin is freshly exfoliated with our Tan Truth Pre-Tan Exfoliating Scrub, removing any remnants of stubborn old tan and you have moisturised with our Tan Truth The Professional Barrier Cream focusing on dry areas like elbows, knees, and ankles at least 24hrs prior to applying fake tan.

time to tan

For those looking for a natural glow, apply in the morning, using circular motions, skimming over the hands, feet, and elbows within 4-6 hours you will have a fresh sun-kissed glow. However, if a darker finish is what you are looking for we advise building up over 2-3 days or until you have reached your preferred shade!

maintaining your shade

Although gradual tan is more hydrating it can still dry out the skin, so ensure on non-tanning days you are moisturising all over with a nourishing lotion; particularly focusing on areas like between your fingers, wrists, toes, and feet as these are the areas that fake tan can gather in. Top tip: avoid using body oils - they can interfere with the development of your tan or speed up fading.


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