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Practice Self-Love Every Day

Whether you’re in a loving, committed relationship with someone or you’re happy and content with single life, one thing is for sure – self-love should always be your first love.

Self-love helps us to embrace who we are, lets us be at peace with our life, and keeps us fulfilled in ways that someone else just can’t.

At TAN TRUTH, we feel passionate about self-love as we know the amazing effect it will have on your life. It seems easy but loving yourself can be one of the hardest things to do.

So here are some of our favourite ways to practice self-love to help you feel your best self every day:

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Daily Gratitude

Focus on the wonderful parts of your life with gratitude – wake up every morning and list three things that you are thankful for. Like attracts like and when we focus on the good things in our life, more good things happen. We become a magnet for abundance, success, happiness, and everything else we wish for in life.

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Self-Love Talk

How we talk to others and ourselves is important too. It’s easy to look in the morning and think that our hair looks a little messy or notice the blemishes on our skin. Instead of thinking about the negatives, embrace the positives. Look in the mirror every morning and notice three things you love about yourself. Don’t just think of them, tell yourself: “I love my happy smile that brightens up my face”, “wearing this colour brings out my eyes and makes them sparkle”, “I’m always so positive and it’s my favourite thing about myself”. We speak what we seek and when we speak self-love into existence, it changes our whole outlook on ourselves.

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Forgive Yourself

Forgive yourself for mistakes or times of bad judgment – we’ve all been there and sometimes the hardest part is forgiveness. Reframe mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow and be kind and caring towards yourself. Show compassion for times of error in both you and others. Nobody is perfect.

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Self-love affirmations to practice every day:

I am strong and powerful; I take on any challenge that comes my way and can overcome any obstacle with resilience.

I am beautiful and my beauty shines from the inside out.

I accept who I am, and I know my worth, I am enough.


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