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The Superpowers of Aloe Vera

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It's highly hydrating

Aloe Vera has a really high water content, which means it is made up of mostly water. This makes it an amazing ingredient to help supply moisture to the skin while also helping to make sure it can hold onto all of that moisture and make the most of it. Having hydrated skin is super important when it comes to tanning to make sure your tan applies evenly and lasts longer!

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It's super soothing

This superfood is great for soothing any redness or irritations on the skin. When applied directly it provides instant relief, it has even been proven to help mild burns. This means while you are getting your glow on, your skin is going to feel soothed and calm.

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it's rich in anti-oxidants

It’s packed full of the plant based nutrient polyphenol that acts as an amazing antioxidant. This helps protect the skin from a whole host of air pollutants, environmental stressors and much more.

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it reduces the signs of ageing

Thanks to its moisturising properties, Aloe Vera can help to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, and leaves the skin feeling plump and refreshed. It can also help to reduce dark spots on the skin caused by UV damage and aging, meaning your tan will make you look refreshed and younger!


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