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Tan Truth 01: Tips For Beginners

Preparation is key

1. Preparation is key

The key to the most glowy, long lasting tan is all in the preparation stages. This is the perfect time to take some well-needed self-care time, run a bath and get exfoliating – if you’re a busy queen then a quick exfoliation in the shower 24 hours before tanning will work too! Ps we’d recommend removing any unwanted body hair at this point too.

Hydrated skin is happy skin

2. Hydrated skin is happy skin

The more hydrated and nourished your skin, the better your tan will apply. We’ve all seen those nightmare tanned elbows, knees and ankles but we’re here to help you with that! Using TAN TRUTH Professional Barrier Cream to prep your skin before application will ensure an even tan overall.

Avoid deodorants or perfume before tanning

3. Avoid deodorants or perfume before tanning

A clean base is always the best base to apply tan, so make sure to wash away any layers of other oily products that could prevent the tan from sticking before application.

Pick the right formula for you

4.Pick the right formula for you

Tanning is an experience that is unique to you, so make sure you pick a tan that has your skin concerns and application preferences in mind. Whether you’re looking for an express glow up that you can wash off in an instant, or you’re happy to wait for your tan to develop and have a longer lasting tan – there’s a solution for every body!

Don’t forget your face!

5. Don’t forget your face!

If you want your tan to look as natural as possible then facial tanning is a must. Facial tanning is made super easy with TAN TRUTH Tanning Drops or TAN TRUTH Anti-Ageing Facial Gel. These products are made with your face in mind and are non-comedogenic so won’t block any pores whilst you glow!

Rinse your tan off with cool water

6. Rinse your tan off with cool water

This is the best tip for helping prolong your tan. After your tan has developed, check each product for individual development time, then you should wash off the colour guide with cool water (ps it doesn’t have to be freezing, just a few degrees colder than you’d normally go for).

Maintaining your glow

7. Maintaining your glow

It’s hard to see a beautiful tan go, but there are a few ways to help maintain your glow for longer. The best way to keep your tan around for longer is moisturising, we always say that moisturising is key for tanning from start to finish. We recommend using TAN TRUTH Tan Extending Moisturiser for the best long-lasting tan results. This luxurious moisturiser not only locks in hydration but also has just a hint of DHA in the formula to keep your tan topped up.

Start fresh every time

8. Start fresh every time

It’s tempting to keep layering up your tan because we all love how a good tan makes us feel, but the best tanning results happen on fresh, clean skin. You can start fresh each time with TAN TRUTH Tan Removing Mousse, it is magic mousse that removes leftover tan within minutes without excessive exfoliation to your skin. Once you’ve removed your tan then we recommend gently scrubbing away any dead skin cells for the best pre-tan base with our Pre-Tan Exfoliating Scrub.

With all these tanning pro tips on hand, you’re ready to glow over and over again!


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