How To Prolong Your Tan

All anyone wants is a long-lasting, sun-kissed glow, so when your fake tan begins to fade quicker than you’d hoped it’s the worst. But don’t panic – with our Tan Truth insider tips, you can achieve the perfect glow that is super long-lasting.  

1. Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate!

The first step to achieving a long-lasting tan is perfecting your prep. Exfoliating your skin is key to prolonging your fake tan as this gets rid of dead skin cells and cleans your pores, leaving a clean and smooth base for applying your tan. Using an exfoliating mitt and scrub, like our vegan-friendly Tan Truth Pre-Tan Exfoliating Scrub, focus on all areas of the body, specifically your knees, ankles, and elbows.

Top tip: our experts advise exfoliating and shaving (if you choose to) at least 24 hours before applying your favourite Tan Truth tan for a smooth and even base.

2. Hot Water Is A No

Believe it or not, hot showers or baths can result in your fake tan fading a lot quicker. Hot water dehydrates your skin by activating the hydroxy acids causing it to fade.

So we recommend a cool shower with no harsh scrubbing using an oil-free body wash and remember to pat dry and not RUB!

3. Moisturise

Moisturising is your new best friend! Fake tan works by sitting on the top layer of the skin so keeping it moisturised helps prevent the skin from shedding quicker, resulting in your tan lasting longer.

Our vegan-friendly Tan Truth Tan Extending Moisturiser is perfect for catering to all your moisturising needs as it not only nourishes the skin but it acts as an invisible shield to prevent staining and the build-up of tan.

4. Top Up Your Tan

To keep your tan topped up as it slowly starts to fade, we recommend swapping your moisturiser for a gradual tan. This is perfect for prolonging the life of your sun-kissed glow.

Our vegan-friendly Tan Truth Daily Gradual Tan which is enriched with shea butter will not only nourish your skin but also top up your existing tan to keep your glow glowing.

5. Out With The Old In With The New

When the time does come to take off your tan we advise using a tan erasing mousse to assist in the breakdown of your tan. This makes it easier when exfoliating and will help create a smooth base for your next application.


Check out our vegan-friendly Tan Truth Tan Removing Mousse which is formulated with aloe vera and shea butter to create a flawless finish!

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