Tanning Clear VS Colour Guide Lowdown

Self-tanning can be complicated; moisturizing lotion or extra dark mousse? Instant wash-off or an 8-hour developer? A mitt or a brush?

When choosing the right tanning products for you, there's a lot to consider. And if you’re new here, some of the phrases might be a little confusing. So we’ve done the hard work for you and created our Clear vs Colour Guide Lowdown to make choosing your tanning product a whole lot easier. If you don’t know your clear from your coloured, have no idea what a guide colour is, and you’re unsure what one to choose … this is for you.

Colour Guide

Gone are the days of tangerine orange skin and strong biscuity scents (with Tan Truth anyway) but a lot of tans still have that initial dark tone when you apply it to your skin.

A colour guide is added to these products so you can see where you have already applied it, making it easier to avoid any missed patches. The tan won’t always stay as dark as the colour guide is when you apply it, usually once it has developed and you have washed off the top layer a slightly lighter glowing tan will appear.

Using a fake tan with a colour guide is perfect if you’re new to self-tanning or if you aren’t too confident in your tanning abilities – you can see exactly where you’ve applied the product so you’re less likely to miss any areas.


And then there was clear tan!

Goodbye stained bedsheets, hello gorgeous glow. Some of our Tan Truth products have been created without a colour guide, so you can’t see the product as you apply it to your skin. After applying your clear tan, you’ll go to bed feeling pale and wake up the following morning as a golden goddess.

Although there are the obvious benefits - like no transfer from the product on bedsheets or clothing - this product is for the slightly more experienced tanners as the lack of guide colour can make it difficult to see where you’ve applied tan.

Which Is Best?

And the winner is… down to you! Everyone has their preferences when it comes to fake tan, it’s just down to trying both types and deciding which works best for you. Some people prefer a guide to ensure their flawless application, while others prefer their tan transfer-free and clear one. One thing is certain either way – with Tan Truth, you will always achieve a gorgeous, golden, long-lasting glow that you will love.

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