Top Tips For Your Spray Tan Experience

As we head into the wedding and holiday season, we’re already thinking about our tanning routine. Nothing shows off a beautiful outfit more than a golden glow so making sure your tan is looking flawless is non-negotiable! Spray tans are the easiest way to make sure your tan looks amazing, from the event prep to the hungover aftermath.

Prep Is Key

As with all tanning routines, prep is key! As always, ensure you have removed any unwanted body hairs and exfoliated your body at least 24 hours in advance. Make sure you have no creams, lotions, or deodorant on your skin. We recommend using TAN TRUTH Pre Tan Exfoliator!

Ideally, don’t book your eyebrow appointment right before your spray tan. It can turn them green which is not a vibe! If you have double booked, just cover your brows with petroleum jelly to keep them protected.

What To Wear

Most people tend to be spray tanned wearing just their pants. Usually, your spray tanner will offer you some paper pants at your appointment, or you can opt to wear your own if you don’t mind them getting covered in tan. Having the rest of your body spray tanned will ensure every inch of you is bronzed and glowing! 

When it comes to a self-tan night, throwing on some old jammies over your tan is always a safe bet. But for a spray tan appointment, we recommend loose, dark clothing that won’t rub against the tan and will feel lightweight against your skin. And when it comes to shoes, try to go for flip flops or sliders so your feet can breathe.


Your spray tanner will give you some aftercare instructions to follow but they generally follow the same rules as a normal tan. Wash your excess tan off with cool water and minimal scrubbing and moisturise afterward with an oil-free moisturiser. It will depend on what kind of tan has been used whether you keep the tan on for 8 hours or wash it off any earlier. Keep your spray tan topped up using TAN TRUTH Daily Gradual Tan or add TAN TRUTH Tanning Drops to your moisturiser.

Spray Tanning In Hot Weather

Your spray tan appointment falls in British heatwave weather… what to do?! Keeping your skin as cool – and sweat-free – as possible is a must to ensure the tan stays on your skin! We would recommend taking a cold shower before your appointment to lower your body temperature and trying to keep as cool as possible before and after the appointment. No sweat drips here!

And that’s you! A golden glow with minimum effort required.

For your tanning prep and aftercare essentials, shop the TAN TRUTH range!

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